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Photography in flight


Since we thought that it would be nice to take photos above ground, we bought some drones. These drones are taken around California during vacations, and provide phenomenal footage for Bronxtin Studos.


The HW-02 (Happy Craft #2) is the drone that takes all videos & photos for the CCAG's films. The video to the right is a clip from the CCAG's first official drone documentary where HW-01 made a short appearance in Calistoga, CA and Napa Valley. When the HW-01 is not traveling, we fly it here at the CCAG.


The HW-01 (Happy Craft #1) took photos and videos for the CCAG's films between Feb 15, 2024 and April 7, 2024. The film that was taken entirely by the HW-01 was "Smile." Sadly, a crash resulted in minor damage to the drone, but it is still used today as an emergency/backup drone. The video on the right was taken after the crash and shows the craft's last landing before it was downgraded to a backup drone.

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