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Q and A

Here are some questions that were asked about the CCAG

What is your most recent project?

The TMAD, or Team Manatee arid desert. It is  a small greenhouse

you can visit that is supposed to simulate conditions

of the Mojave Desert, and so far it has been successfully doing so.

How so?

The sand is mostly fine and dusty, like that of the desert. The temperature ranges

between 60-110ºF in the summer, just like that in the desert. In the winter, it is 39ºF-60ºF, but any sunny winter day can cause the temps to soar up to the 100s, like in the summer.The humidity in the habitat rarely rises above 50%, like that in the desert. We believe that it simulates a desert because it is inclosed in a greenhouse, and is rarely exposed to moisture. Our plants love it in here - new cactus pads are growing daily!

What animals live in the TMAD?

Only plants do, mostly native cacti. Sometimes we have ants, but that's pretty much it.

What happened to Mikey's Farm, where you were growing green onions?

We are turning it into a nature  sanctuary.

What animals are you hoping to attract?

Pollinators, native birds, snakes, reptiles, amphibians and rodents.

What  plants are already planted?

We have two endangered Monterey Pines saplings. We also have Dune willow, sand verbena, coyote brush, and a Douglas fir seed that is not yet planted.

How to you get seeds to grow?

Mostly, I  collect pine cones from the wild, and use the seeds.

I heard that there is a pond you are making? Is that true?

Yes, we are making a tiny pond, which will be stocked with mosquito fish later on this year. I am hoping to simulate California's Marsh Riparian areas, with some of the Dune willows planted next to the pond. Hopefully frogs (who I never seen here in SF) will come here to breed.

Have any questions about the CCAG?

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