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Friends of the SC mountains

Hello! Welcome to the FOSCM page! As you know, we used to be called "Snail and Slug Society," because we are the branch that houses all the gastropods in the zoo. Anyways, we noticed that all our animals were found living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, so we renamed to that. So, where are the Santa Cruz Mountains? Have you been to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk? Well, 26 miles east, tall mountains tower high above the sea level. Let's explore.

The Team Manatee Arid Desert is the enclosed front desert of the CCAG. It is meant to model the harsh conditions of the Mojave Desert, which extends through CA and AZ. The TMAD was built on August 29, 2023. Inside the TMAD, many native cacti thrive. The most evident is the Santarita prickly pear. Our plants were either bought or germinated from local seeds. In the spring, annual flowers take over the Team Manatee desert due to heavy rainfall. California Poppy and various daisies grow in the real deserts for a short period from April to May. Our TMAD, like the Mojave, has reached extremes, high and low. See them below.


October 4, 2023


On this day, the TMAD reached a blazing 129ºF. That's only 5 degrees away from the hottest temperature of all time, in Death Valley.

October 1, 2023



Deserts are relatively far away from the coast and below sea level. That means the humidity is fairly low. The CCAG is located in San Francisco, which is near the coast, but our desert habitat rarely gets watered, contributing to the low humidity.

December 30, 2023


The Desert reached a low of 34ºF a day after a massive storm. On that day, the air outside was humid, which condensed into air inside the TMAD, therefore making the temps about 10º colder inside than outside.

Let's Explore!

The SC mountains are home to bugs, birds, mammals, amphibians, worms, and of course - Gastropods!

Annual wildflower blooms

Every April - May, the TMAD springs to life with wildflowers and annual plants such as desert chia, mallow, grass and wild clover. Here's a pic from the 2024 bloom.

Mini wildflower bloom in TMAD
joshua tree (1).jpeg

SC 山脉是昆虫、鸟类、哺乳动物、两栖动物、蠕虫的家园,当然还有腹足类动物!



SCM 的鹿很常见。黑尾鹿喜欢生活在森林的两侧,那里有很多树荫和食物。黑尾鹿喜欢吃草,也喜欢吃毒橡树。鹿从腿上释放化学物质,以警告其他鹿注意山猫或其他捕食者。

Redwood trees are a native Californian evergreen tree. Redwoods can get extremely tall. The highest is 380 feet tall! Redwoods provide a shady enviornment for slugs, snails, and other animals, Without redwoods, over 100 living creatures would be exposed to the sunlight, which would kill them off. Redwoods are prized for wood. Tables, chairs, and even huts are crafted from redwood boards. Emmense numbers of trees are cut down a year, with over 1000 individuals losing a home. Wildfires are also a big factor of redwood loss. Redwood forests can cover miles if they are protected properly. You can help by planting new redwood trees.

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