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What animals live out at the zoo?

Informal Zoo: Weather

In California, the weather isn't always the same. Sometimes, clouds loom the sky. Giant stratus clouds can form over the ocean, creating  a rain storm. The Informal Zoo went out and found out that in order to create a rain-storm - a few important factors are needed. Here is a cycle - with fog that starts it off.

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Fun Photos

Did you know that the CCAG was once named the  115pet's Informal Zoo? It changed names in 2023. Below are some photos of me when I was 7 and pics of the CCAG's 'farm,' and the desert, the TMAD.

Robbie the kid

Who am I?

I am Ryth, a 13 year old kid who enjoys being in nature and learning about the flora and fauna of California. I have always been intrigued by nature, especially organisms that are fairly common. When I was three, I was always outside looking for snails under wooden slabs, and scavenging for roly pollies under wet leaves. When I was 7, I loved frogs so much, I created a club called the "Frog Club."  Next came marine life. A few years ago, I went to Pacifica State Beach and realized how much life exists in a minute tidepool. This experience led to the creation of this website and sparked my passion for nature. In the past few years, I have gone to numerous beaches to explore tidepool life. I have shared my enthusiasm and awe of the ecosystems surrounding us with my sister Eme, who often joins me on such beach excursions.

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